Independent Fundamental Baptist Missionary Trails

As we were analyzing the results of our deputation survey and preparing our report, we learned that Cornerstone Baptist Church of McAlester, Oklahoma, was developing an online tool that would address many of the challenges shared by pastors and missionaries.

As we followed their progress, we developed a friendship with their staff and shared data and insights from our survey in response to some of their questions.

Independent Fundamental Baptist Missionary Trails * is a mobile-first web browser application designed to help missionaries manage their meetings on deputation and furlough. They advertise the following benefits:

  • Access to over 10,300 churches
  • Contact and Location information
  • Display your deputation trail calendar
  • See upcoming meetings on a map
  • Store email addresses for contacts
  • Locate churches with prophet chambers
  • Initiate calls to your mobile device
  • Save responses from telephone calls
  • Add notes for followups
  • Track support level received
  • Keep notes private or share publicly
  • Project support level for promised support
  • Add private personal contacts
  • Share new public contacts
  • Collaborate public contact updates
  • Share notes publicly to help others
  • Save public events for others to find
  • Receive notifications to confirm events
  • Find churches by locations
  • Search for churches by name

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