Social Prayer Solutions

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Web-Based Platforms

amen wmpl

Amen! by World Mission Prayer League

Adds prayer request, custom tweet, and custom counter functionality to WordPress. Includes options for prayer moderation, privatization, public posting, tweeting, and a customizable weekly notification digest.

praybox plus

PrayBox+ by Blazing Torch

PrayBox+ is a prayer request management plugin for WordPress. It allows administrators to easily set up an interface for users to submit prayer requests that can be displayed on the website using easy-to-use shortcodes. Some key features include the ability for administrators to manage and moderate prayer requests that are submitted, daily email notifications sent to those who have submitted requests (when they have been prayed for), and the ability to display praise reports submitted by requestors, just to mention a few…

PrayBox Standard WordPress Plugin (free).

prayer engine

Prayer Engine by Volacious

Prayer Engine is a customizable, web-based prayer wall and moderation system.

  • Visitors view and submit prayer requests through your website or mobile web app.
  • All prayer requests pass through a simple moderation process before they’re shared online.
  • Moderated prayer requests are automatically shared on your prayer wall, mobile web app, social media, and more.
  • The Prayer Engine tracks how often a prayer request has been prayed for, and can notify the sender when someone prays.

prayermate publisher by Andy Geers

Prayer is one of the most precious privileges of the Christian faith, but keeping your supporters up to date can often turn into a huge burden. seeks to remove the hassle from publishing your prayer diary in multiple formats, meaning that people can receive updates by whichever means they find most appropriate for them.

(Designed for use with the PrayerMate mobile app, below)

Yearly Subscription (£4 – £75 / year).

Mobile Apps


Instapray by Instapray, Inc
iOS App (free)
Android App (free)


iOS App (free)
Android App (free)


Pray! by Cristoph Koehler
iOS App (free)


PrayBuzz by PrayBuzz, Inc
iOS App (free)
Android App (free)


PrayerBowls by PrayerBowls, LLC
iOS App (free)


PrayerMate by Andy Geers
iOS App (free)

the prayer network

The Prayer Network by Gladtiding Consulting, Inc
iOS App (free)

prayer notebook

Prayer Notebook by Kalon Creative
iOS App ($1.99) or Lite iOS App (free)

prayer notes pro

PrayerNotes PRO by ChuChu Train Productions
iOS App ($1.99) or PrayerNotes FREE  iOS App (free)

prayers to share

Prayers to Share
iOS App (free or donate)
Android App (free or donate)